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Helping past and present practising members
of the bar in England and Wales

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The BBA exists to help past and present practising members of the bar in England and Wales, including the judiciary, and their families and dependants. The criteria are that the applicant is needy and worthy. The aim is, wherever possible, to overcome the problem and rebuild the applicant’s life and career.

There is a wide range of reasons for needing help… there can be serious long-term or terminal illness, shorter health scares or accidents affecting income for weeks or months, unexpected financial problems due to circumstances beyond the beneficiary’s control, problems of old age…

Although we cannot offer specific advice our staff can point people towards those who can, particularly in cases of financial need. They are also happy to be a contact on the phone, someone to call for a reassuring chat. In appropriate cases we are able to offer financial help, – as a grant or a secured or unsecured loan. If all else fails we can help with IVAs and bankruptcies.

Some beneficiaries receive regular “disregard” grants to top up their DSS benefits as well as other specific occasional help.

In exceptional circumstances help has been given to enable children to remain at their chosen school if they are at a vital stage of their education and single parents have been helped with school uniforms, a new pair of shoes or a birthday treat. Special help can be given with funding a much-needed holiday break, providing a computer, paying telephone bills, mending or replacing home equipment…
Every case is unique and every application is considered on its own merits and circumstances.

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The BBA is here to assist barristers (past and present), members of the judiciary (past and present) and their dependants who are needy and deserving through difficult times, financially or ill health.

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